Black Seed Oil now in stock!  Our cold-pressed Black Seed Oil is made from organic Nigella sativa seeds in an alcohol-free, solvent-free solution.  3 sizes available.  Gluten-free & non-GMO.  Some bottles come with a dropper & others are regular open bottles with lids.  Email us to request your preference.

We’ve added NEW! kratom to our lineup!  These strains are hand-picked for their potency and unique effects.  We’ve got classics like White-Vein Sumatra & Red-Vein Bali, as well as rarer gems like Yellow Sunda & Gold Maeng Da.  1 kilo = $95.  So many strains we had to create a Pastebin page!  🙂

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Featured Item for Spring 2017:  Sopium.  Sopia Resin Incense–colloquially known as “Sopium”–has been a hot commodity on the ethnobotanical scene since the 1960s.  It is still popular today for its distinctively mellow smell and clean burn.  Our Sopium contains a unique blend of legal herbs like wild lettuce that produce a tantalizing violet scent when burned.  Groovy!

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