Ephedra sinica (Ma Huang) tea now available!  This is the “real deal” ephedra like the kind available before the ban of ephedra supplements in 2004.  (Perfectly legal since it’s not in the form of a branded supplement).  Our ephedra is raw & unprocessed, organically grown & potent!  Perfect for use as a stimulating tea or chewed whole. Inquire for prices & available amounts.

7 new kratom strains added!  Click link below to shop:

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Featured Item for Summer 2017:  Hemp & CBD.  We now offer a variety of raw hemp and CBD products to put the spark into your summer.  Products include:  CBD Drip® vape liquid, Eco Caps® (30mg) CBD capsules, whole hemp buds & a variety of ready-to-use CBD vape pens.  All hemp products are 100% legal & free of THC.  (Email us for prices, photos & availability.  They sell out fast). 

ALL ITEMS ARE FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.  Any other use is a violation of our Terms of Service.

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