Payment & Shipping

To place an order, email us at

We accept Paypal* for all items and cash-in-mail for some items (inquire).  All shipping is via USPS First Class with Delivery Confirmation ($3.50).  If you’d prefer Priority shipping, let us know at checkout and we’ll add $7 to your total.  Especially large or heavy orders will be sent Priority automatically (we’ll let you know at checkout if this is the case).

You will receive a Delivery Confirmation Number to track your order once it ships.  Free shipping on all orders over $80.  Typical handling time is 1-2 business days after receiving payment.  U.S. customers only please.  No Express or International shipping.

*Due to Paypal’s strict policies against ethnobotanical vendors, we’ll invoice you manually when you’re ready to order.  Leaving any comments in the invoice puts both our accounts at risk and is grounds for a permanent ban from our store.  If you have any questions or comments, send them to our email address & we’ll be happy to help.


4 thoughts on “Payment & Shipping”

  1. Hi just woundering if you lost to Australia and if so what’s the best opiete like rc you sell??

  2. eric weinfeld said:

    you have some rare chems. i wll buy methylmethaqualone etqualoneinterest in neb Id like some 4acodmt have to get some cssh together.Is ther any way we can wirk a deal im going to purchase almost everthing ibthe list

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