Customer Reviews

We want to hear your feedback!  If you’ve ordered from us, please include a short review of our services and we’ll post it here.  Totally anonymous!  Email or post your review in the comment section below.

Thank you!

~Swirl Girl~


I have been a repeat customer for over 6 month and Swirl Girl has
consistently provided a quick response to my emails, next day shipping
after payment, a choice of payment methods and accurately weighed products.
Although a little more pricey than some vendors, their products are good
quality, packaged well and usually ship free. My only complaint is that the
products sell out quickly so you have to check every day if you are waiting
for stock to arrive and place your order as soon as they are listed. New
products are added weekly and Swirl Girl tries to offer the more popular
ones. Although smaller than some vendors, Swirl Girl is a trusted domestic
vendor that I highly recommend!!!  — Anonymous


Hi, I’m C and I would just like to share with you all the positive experience I had with swirl girl.

I first attempted to change around a variety pack she had available and she very politely said something like maybe but for what I was wanting shed have to charge more. Which is understandable. But very fast response, and very friendly answers, even though my questions were probably kind of annoying. She was very insightful and polite.

Because of the positivity I got from her, I decided to order 3 products from her at normal price. These products were shipped the next business day (as I had placed an order after hours), and I received them 2 days later. This is very fast.

What I liked most was that the products were what they claimed to be and she was very professional but yet very friendly. You couldn’t tell what was in the package, very discreet and professional packaging. A+ Service in my books.

Thanks Swirl Girl, I’m a repeat customer now!!!  — C Vizzee


Here are some of our older reviews from Zoklet:

“This stuff is so potent my plants withered and died upon contact with this chemical. I advise you to be weary of how pure this stuff is.  I’m not kidding when I say this vendor laces professionalism and charisma.” — AoxomoxoA

“Responded to PMs almost immediately. I really appreciate that in a vendor as it is oftentimes overlooked.  Made contact Thursday night, arrived Monday.”The Duke

“Swirl Girl and I have had a few conversations, she has always responded almost immediately to any questions I have had. I’ll definitely be doing more business with Swirl Girl. The package was nicely put together, and no one would even know what was inside.” — Weezy J

“Use extreme care when researching this.  The customer service is outstanding. Willing to listen and consider customer requests. I am highly impressed!”Funkatron54


4 thoughts on “Customer Reviews”

  1. Alan Satchel said:

    Swirl Girl is far and away the most professional and reliable US vendor I’ve worked with. Excellent communication, fast shipping, convenient payment, and most importantly, completely honest. This connection is a treasure. Sure you can get slightly better prices on large volume overseas, but the western union money orders, bank transfers etc leave you open for scams, it’s gambling in the purest sense. She says what she does, and does what she says. Absolutely everything she ships is precisely what she says and all weights are accurate. As a perfectionist and scientist I greatly appreciate her attention to detail and upfront honesty.

  2. Swirl is one of very few sites that is trustworthy easy to comunicate with not to, emtion a quality products always diferent most importantly always products that for me are not easy to find in the states. I dont mind overseas product if evwry overseas site seams like a scam. Honesty in this dirty bizz earns repeat bizz……Please keep that etq and mmq reagent coming. A+…….Krook

  3. I’ve been ordering from swirl girl for about a year and have had unparalleled exceptional service compared to other vendors I have used. She quickly answers all my emails and ships product within one or two business days. I will not order from anyone else:-)

  4. Quality products, a completely reliable domestic vendor, several payment methods, and fast shipping….What more could you ask for?

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